Pia Hilsmann, Pharmacist in Quality Control
MEDICE My tasks: as many as there are MEDICE brands. The working atmosphere: incredible.
Pia Hilsmann, Pharmacist in Quality Control
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Our quality management.

For outstanding performance – in all areas

Production and quality control

Quality assurance to us means not only complying with all the regulatory requirements stipulated – but also appreciating the best possible solutions for individual people. For in a direct comparison of pharmaceutical drugs, it is not the price that is the decisive factor, but rather the quality. Only an optimal overall package of active substance plus all the intermediate and breakdown products guarantees maximum efficacy and the best tolerance.

As we understand it, quality begins with the choice of production site. In Iserlohn we produce top pharmaceutical quality – and monitor it comprehensively with highly modern quality control. 'Made in Germany' reflects our commitment to the highest quality, into which we breathe life each day at MEDICE.

Logistics and sales

We have developed sophisticated logistics quality assurance measures, such as temperature controlled delivery of our medicinal products and uninterrupted monitoring of the logistics chain. But we also make no compromises as regards quality when it comes to the human factor. Scientifically founded product training increases the competence of our sales employees, while their appearance is characterised by ethical principles complying with our code of conduct. To this end we have committed ourselves to membership of AKG e.V.

First-class quality needs an optimal infrastructure

This applies to Galenics and Production as well as to the Quality Control and Plant Operations departments and Logistics and Supply Chain Management. For perfect interaction and the highest performance from all departments, we have invested massively in expanding an extremely modern logistics system. This is allowing us to implement customised processes in Production and Logistics with even more flexibility. In this way we can now produce very large quantities very rapidly – and at the same time attend to very individual just-in-time customer demands. Ultimately, this high logistics performance and investment of millions in the future serves one purpose above all: it ensures absolute quality for our products and services.