Dr Armin Engels, Medical Advisor
MEDICE MEDICE is distinguished by its variety of remits – and a culture of confidence and social responsibility.
Dr Armin Engels, Medical Advisor
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Our code of conduct.

Achieve more with fairness and transparency

MEDICE ist Mitglied im AKG e.V.We take legitimate and evidence-based statements about our preparations for granted. As a member of the registered association AKG e.V. [Medicinal Products and Cooperation in the Health Sector], our company and its communications are subject to self-control and high ethical standards.

The aim of the AKG is to lastingly strengthen confidence in the integrity and credibility of the pharmaceutical industry. As a self-control institution it supports and guarantees transparent and fair company conduct.

Self-control focuses above all on information about pharmaceuticals and the possibilities for using them, and on the contents and methods of advertising for medicinal products subject to medical prescription, as well as on the cooperation of pharmaceutical companies with medical establishments, doctors in private practice and other specialist groups.