Regina Vollmert, Produktionshelferin
MEDICE The family company stands for reliable medicines. I've been giving my best for this since 1994.
Regina Vollmert, Produktionshelferin
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Our certification.

Quality right down to the smallest detail – black on white

TÜV Siegel ISO 9001 Zertifizierung MEDICE, EN ISO 13485

MEDICE works according to a quality management system that complies with the national and international requirements for medical products: Good Manufacturing Practice, in short, GMP. These are directives for assuring the quality of production processes and the environment in which the manufacture of pharmaceutical drugs and active substances is carried out. The highest product quality and strict compliance with all health authority requirements is our top priority, since quality defects in pharmaceutical production can have negative effects on the health of the consumer. As a company committed to core medical values, we do our utmost to make a positive contribution to the health and well-being of the individual.

Over and above GMP standards, MEDICE has DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certification.

With our ISO certification, we guarantee uninterrupted quality management from the time starting materials are received to the final control of the finished product. In every production and processing phase the highest standards of hygiene apply, both to our premises and items of equipment and to the production staff. Even for our suppliers we continually check that they are complying with the quality requirements we have laid down. Only in this way can we live up to the trust that patients and consumers have in us throughout the world – and guarantee that only reliable medicinal products bear the name of MEDICE.