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Dr med. Sigurd Pütter

Dr. med. Sigurd Pütter

Dr Sigurd Pütter is a member of the Board of Managing Directors of MEDICE.

Dr Sigurd Pütter, born 1942, first completed basic business training after taking the Abitur [school-leaving examination at 18], then studied medicine in Bonn and did a PhD in Tübingen.

He came to work at MEDICE in 1970. After the death of his father, Gustav Pütter, in 1977, he took over administration of the business as sole director and built it up to its present size.

In 1982, the senate of Tübingen University bestowed on him the title of Honorary Senator, for services rendered within and outside the university to furthering medical research and to continuing medical education in his region.

Dr Sigurd Pütter is also moreover fully involved with a number of honorary appointments. He is, for example, vice-chairman of the South Westphalia Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Chairman of the business initiative Pro A46, campaigning to close the motorway gap between Iserlohn and Arnsberg. For twenty years he sat, in addition, on the Board of the Bundesverband der Pharmazeutischen Industrie e.V. (BPI) [the German Pharmaceutical Industry Association]

In 2013, for his outstanding commitment both to the economy and to the common good, Dr Sigurd Pütter was awarded the Bundesverdienstkreuz 1st class [the German Order of Merit].