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Dr Jürgen Kreimeyer

Dr. Jürgen Kreimeyer

Dr Jürgen Kreimeyer is General Manager of the Marketing and Sales (OTC products) and Medical Science (OTC) departments.

Dr Jürgen Kreimeyer, who was born on 6th July 1964 in Münster, is a licensed pharmacist. He presented his thesis at the University of Münster's Institute for Pharmaceutical Biology and Phytochemistry.

Dr Kreimeyer has many years of experience in communications management. After setting up, then selling an advertising agency, while still writing his PhD, he joined the herbal remedy manufacturer Sertürner Arzneimittel and was subsequently involved, as a member of the Board and chairman of Marketing and Sales, in founding the startup, Redinomedica AG.

Dr Kreimeyer sold his Redinomedica shares and then, as marketing director for 11 years, influenced marketing at MCM Klosterfrau, until at the end of 2012 he decided of his own accord to become independent again and founded Kreimeyer Consulting GmbH. Through his work as a consultant he gained deeper insight into MEDICE and the possibilities it offered. 

Dr Jürgen Kreimeyer has been General Manager of the Marketing and Sales (OTC/OTX products) and Medical Science (OTC) departments since 01.01.2014.

For many years Dr Kreimeyer has been committed to ensuring a good image for self-medication. Since 2002 he has been a member of the communication and public relations committee of the BAH [German federal association of pharmaceutical manufacturers] and was considerably involved in the campaign initiated by the BAH for 'green prescriptions'.

In recognition of his commitment to the BAH, in 2010 he received the Hans W. Bach medal for merit.