Eric Neyret, General Manager for Finance & Administration
MEDICE Whether as patient, doctor, pharmacist or employee – with us the individual person is always the focus of attention.
Eric Neyret, General Manager for Finance & Administration
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Our company's history.

Healthy growth since 1949

Do you really know MEDICE?

The success story of one of the leading German pharmaceutical companies in family ownership began almost 70 years ago in Iserlohn.

Today our products are successful brand names: Meditonsin for colds and flu-like infections, Medikinet for ADHD, Medivitan as a leading injectable tonic, Abseamed for anaemia. The introduction of them onto the market not only marks milestones in our company's history: it also in each case marks medical advances in the prevention and treatment of diseases, deficiencies and their consequences.

What have we earned above all since 1949 with highest quality products, holistic therapeutic approaches and precisely coordinated services? The sustainable confidence and respect of scientific institutions, statutory health insurance organisations, pharmacists, doctors and patients. That is our most valuable capital for the future remits of expanding and making MEDICE's success international.


2019 - 70 years of MEDICE



2018 - New MEDICE Headquarter
          - Introduction of Kinecteen + Alflorex



2017 – Introduction of Attentin



2016 – Introduction of Meditonsin Globuli



2015 – Introduction of new products:

Introduction of Soventol Protect

Introduction of Medikinet 50/60 mg

Introduction of Sevemed


2014 – 65 years of MEDICE

Dr Jürgen Kreimeyer becomes the new General Manager at MEDICE for Marketing & Sales.

65 years of MEDICE – Healing with heart and mind.


2013 – Introduction of Circadin®

Introduction of Circadin®, the only melatonin preparation authorised on the German market for treating sleep disorders.


2012 – Top 12 self-medication products

Eric Neyret comes to the company as the new General Manager for Finance, Controlling and Administration.

Since 01.01.2012, Attentin® has been available for children over 6 years old and adolescents who have treatment-resistant ADHD - Germany's first and only proprietary dexamfetamine product.

Introduction of Perenterol® for diseases involving diarrhoea and for preventing travellers diarrhoea.


2011 – Medikinet adult and Monofer

Introduction of Medikinet adult, the first and so far only preparation licensed in Germany for treating ADHD in adults. Introduction of Monofer, permitting a safe and high-dose infusion of iron in a single administration.


2010 – Orthomolecular medicine

MEDICE enters orthomolecular medicine and offers a high-value quality and price-competitive alternative.


2009 – Introduction of FerMed

Introduction of FerMed, the first generic iron-sucrose.


2008 – MEDICE goes international

MEDICE creates structures for successfully entering the international scene.


2007 – Introduction of Abseamed

Introduction of Abseamed as the first biosimilar, licensed in the EU, of the active substance erythropoietin alpha (epoetin) for anaemia treatment.


2006 – Medyn forte and expansion of the OTC business

With the takeover of Rentschler Arzneimittel, MEDICE accomplishes further strategic expansion of the OTC business.
Introduction of Medyn forte, the optimised compound for homocysteine treatment.


2005 – Introduction of Medikinet retard

Introduction of Medikinet retard, an in-house development for improved treatment of ADHD. Since the product acts throughout the school-day, the medication can be kept in the hands of the parents.


2003 – Dr. med. Dr. oec. R. Ammer joins the company

Dr. med. Dr. oec. Richard Ammer joins MEDICE as another General Manager.


2001 – Dr. med. K. Pütter-Ammer joins the company

With Dr. med. Katja Pütter-Ammer, the 3rd generation of the family joins the company.


2000 – Introduction of Medikinet

Introduction of Medikinet for multimodal treatment of ADHD.

1995 - Medyn

1995 – Introduction of Medyn

Introduction of Medyn, logically continuing the path of success of Medivitan.


1989 – Introduction of nephrology preparations

Introduction of the successful range of nephrology products for renal diseases.

1977 – Dr. med. S. Pütter joins the company

With Dr Sigurd Pütter, the 2nd generation of the family takes over the destiny of MEDICE.


1961 – Introduction of Medivitan

Start of the path of success of Medivitan, the evidence-based tonic injection.


1953 – Introduction of Meditonsin

Introduction of Meditonsin.


1949 – The company is founded

The company MEDICE is founded in Iserlohn by Gustav Pütter, the inventor of the Pütter bandage.