Regina Vollmert, Production Assistant
MEDICE The family company stands for reliable medicines. I've been giving my best for this since 1994.
Regina Vollmert, Production Assistant
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Our business culture.

A unique characteristic which benefits everyone

Long before the word sustainability was on everyone's lips, we at MEDICE had set the course for long-term success in tune with human individuals and the environment. Our range of brand names and products and our research and development projects strictly follow the principles of evidence-based medicine. Nowadays only what is proven to be effective and medically useful bears the name MEDICE.

Optimal production conditions, fastidious quality management, certifications and the location of Iserlohn all emphatically demonstrate our no-compromise quality requirement. With our innovative energy management, including a cogeneration unit and photovoltaic installations, we are independent of the energy market – which facilitates progress with a minimal CO2 footprint: sustainability, distinguished by the 2013 Energy Masters Award.

The working conditions and atmosphere are also exceptional at MEDICE: excellent possibilities for development, fairness, respect and a really family-like relationship with each other encourage our employees to be motivated and perform well. High employee satisfaction and first-rate products and services confirm that ethical thinking and action has a strong, positive effect on everyone.


Medical progress that works in every respect

As an independent company, we develop, manufacture and market pharmaceutical drugs of the highest quality – for the well-being of patients – in Germany and throughout the world.

Our business culture focuses constantly on the individual person and dealing responsibly with his or her needs. While marketing and sales follow strict ethical principles, customised logistics support sustainable therapeutic success with optimal availability.

Responsibility also opens up excellent prospects for the future, however. Healthy growth creates optimal general conditions, for instance for trainees and qualified staff, to whom MEDICE offers the best opportunities for development and advancement.

"Healing with heart and mind" is more than a MEDICE promise.
It is our philosophy, and we live it together, day by day.