Dr Michael Piepenstock, Head of Nephrology
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Dr Michael Piepenstock, Head of Nephrology
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Our specialist Nephrology area.

First choice for kidney disease and its consequences

MEDICE is nowadays one of the most successful family companies in the pharmaceutical business. Nephrology is a pillar of our success, an area of competence in which we have been competing with international corporations for more than 25 years – and are successfully maintaining our ground.

We have become an acknowledged partner of renal specialists and dialysis centres, as being experts in the disease, its causes and consequences. This is an important basis for developing ever new products and services that are tailored to the individual challenges of this indication. Our comprehensive range of preparations makes it possible to treat virtually all the complications that arise as a result of renal disease, from the treatment of anaemia via phosphate management to correcting metabolic acidosis and substitution therapy when there are signs of deficiency.

Innovative as well as successful preparations strengthen our reputation and market position in this area – for instance, Abseamed®, the first biosimilar licensed in the EU of the active substance erythropoietin alpha (epoetin), or the first generic iron-sucrose FerMed®, or Monofer, a long-acting parenteral iron product facilitating flexible iron treatment.

Besides the treatment of disease and complications, our research-orientated development work also focuses on effectively slowing the progression of disease. To chronically sick patients with hyperphosphataemia, for instance, we can immediately offer three preparations to improve their condition. At the same time, we are developing a new approach for still greater therapeutic success.

Because we are very deeply concerned by this subject, we shall systematically continue along this path. Our objective: a comprehensive product portfolio offering doctors and patients all the means necessary for the treatment and relief of renal diseases and for slowing their progression.