Christiane Hesse, OTX Product Manager
MEDICE I'm progressing happily with MEDICE. Thanks to worldwide success and brilliant in-service training programmes.
Christiane Hesse, OTX Product Manager
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OTC / General Medicine

The main focus is on the following symptoms/indications:

  • Common cold       
  • Revitalisation therapy
  • Dermatosis          
  • Sleep disorder
  • Diarrhea


Our top brands for self-medication such as Meditonsin®, Perenterol®, Soventol®, Dorithricin® or Tannacomp® prove themselves in pharmacies everyday – because of their convincing quality and evidential effectiveness.

Marketing of our scientifically based health products (especially pharmaceuticals) is done by promotion at the doctor.

MEDICE has been one of the first companies to successfully implement this strategy for the distribution of Medivitan®-tonic as an „individual health care service“ („IGeL“) in the early 1990s.

At the same time MEDICE raised the scientific basis of Medivitan® to an excellent level, by investing significantly  in B-vitamin and homocysteine research.