Melanie Milic, ADHD Product Manager
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Melanie Milic, ADHD Product Manager
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Our specialist ADHD area.

Help for children, adolescents and adults.

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, abbreviated to ADHD, is the most frequent psychiatric disorder in children and adolescents, and a condition that clearly affects the life of the individual concerned, often into adulthood.

MEDICE is a market leader in Germany for ADHD. Our Medikinet® preparations and Medikinet® retard developed by MEDICE (active substance: methylphenidate hydrochloride, MPH) have been used successfully for years for treating children and adolescents with ADHD – not only nationally, but increasingly also in important international markets. Since 01.01.2012, Attentin® has been available for children and adolescents over 6 years old who have treatment-resistant ADHD. This is Germany's first and only proprietary dexamfetamine product.

After almost ten years of clinical research, MEDICE has now set another milestone with Medikinet® adult for the treatment of ADHD: Medikinet® adult is the first and only MPH preparation approved in Germany for treating adult ADHD patients. With marketing authorisation of Medikinet® adult (since 14.04.2011), a supply gap has been filled, which existed in Germany for a long time, and new perspectives in the treatment of ADHD in adulthood are opening up for doctors and patients.

Due to our interest in further optimising treatment possibilities, we have gained a broad and deep understanding of ADHD in the process of developing this area of competence. This relied above all on the close presence of doctors, therapists, patients and their family members. Personal contact and continual, intense exchange have made it possible for us to essentially understand all the facets of the disorder. In a multimodal treatment approach that extends from medication via behavioural therapy to support for parents and child care workers, we are developing solutions and services that are tailored to the individual needs of our practitioner partners and patients.

Specialists and opinion leaders acknowledge MEDICE's great capacity for understanding the challenges involved in treating ADHD. We want to continue along this route to be able to provide an answer to every question.