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JSC Binnopharm becomes exclusive representative of MEDICE

Licensing agreement signed between MEDICE and JSC Binnopharm to market, distribute and sell Dorithricin®, Meditonsin®, Medivitan® and Fermed® in Russia.

December 5, 2016, Iserlohn, Germany – JSC Binnopharm, a Russian full cycle pharmaceutical company, part of AFK Sistema, has signed a licensing agreement with MEDICE Arzneimittel Pütter GmbH & Co. KG, a fully integrated pharmaceutical company ranked among top 15 of the German OTC players and RX speciality care player[i]. According to the terms of the agreement, JSC Binnopharm becomes the exclusive representative of the German company and receives the exclusive right to market, distribute and sell on the territory of Russia four products: Dorithricin®, Meditonsin®, Medivitan® and Fermed®, that have top positions in their segments in international markets

The signing of this agreement continues the strategy of JSC Binnopharm to expand the product portfolio and to enter OTC market. Previously JSC Binnopharm was engaged only in tender sales, and in 2015, with the introduction of a commercial structure and staff of medical representatives, JSC Binnopharm entered to the commercial segment of the Russian pharmaceutical market with several Rx products.

Alexey Chupin, JSC Binnopharm, CEO: "This important event will strengthen our position in the commercial market, namely in the segment of sales аnti-cold, nephrological and neurological drugs. We are truly proud of the fact that Binnopharm will represent in Russia such high-efficiency and high-quality products, which are market leaders in Europe. We have passed through difficult competitive selection to get these drugs into our product portfolio, and we are really grateful to our German partners for their trust."

Katja Pütter-Ammer, MD & Richard Ammer, MD, PhD, MEDICE Arzneimittel Pütter GmbH & Co. KG., both CEO & managing owners: "With the approval of our products by Russian authorities we are now prepared to enter one of the largest and most relevant markets. In a structured selection process by screening potential partners over the last 12 months, we are proud to enter a long-term partnership as we found a perfect fit to JSC Binnopharm: patient centered thinking, knowledgeable teams with attention to detail in planning and execution and a strong believe in business ethics as we both share common values and the relevance of “People-Service to customers-Ideas and Quality”. We are impressed by the commercial and medical team at JSC Binnopharm with its successful track record in promoting RX and OTC drugs, and we believe in the success of our medicines also in the Russian market. Our aim is to provide high quality products to patients and to support physicians and care-givers with valuable support in daily patient care.”

All four products have a strong evidence base supported by international studies proving their efficacy, safety and tolerance. The mere fact of 100% German manufacturing at Medice´s GMP approved site speaks for their quality.

  • Meditonsin® is the original OTC drug indicated for the treatment of flu, common cold & acute respiratory viral infections (ARVI) and approved for children > 1 year. In Germany, it is brand №1 among complex natural remedies for the treatment of common cold for over 30 years[ii], [iii] and documented in more than 3500 patients systematically studied [iv], [v], [vi], [vii], [viii].
  • Dorithricin® is complex medicine for emergency care for sore throat and inflammations of the mouth and pharynx. Due to its three active components Dorithricin® has antiviral, antibacterial, antiseptic and analgesic effects[ix]. Recommended for adults and children from 6 years. Brand №1 in many European countries among drugs for sore throat[x], [xi], [xii].
  • Medivitan® is a unique vitamin B complex in the form of a solution for intravenous and intra-muscular injection. Medivitan® is indicated for vitamin B deficiency related disorders, such as anemia, mal-absorption, mild cognitive impairment, depression, neuropathy, asthenic conditions and inflammatory diseases often associated with elevated homocysteine serum levels[xiii], [xiv], [xv]. Medivitan® is available in pre-filled syringes composed of proprietary dual-chamber system assuring stability and quality of active ingredients.
  • Fermed® is an iron-sucrose complex for intravenous injection or infusion, the only iron complex manufactured in Germany[xvi]. Iron sucrose is the No.1 iron compound indicated to correct iron deficiency and anemia with a superior safety profile compared to other iron compounds[xvii]


About the companies:

JSC Binnopharm is one of the largest full-cycle biopharmaceutical facilities with its own R&D department and pharmaceutical plant with an area of 32 000 sq.m in Zelenograd (Moscow region). JSC Binnopharm’s plant has a certificate of compliance with the GMP standard requirements given by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade. JSC Binnopharm produces and wholesales medicines in 5 dosage forms and pharmaceutical substances.

JSC Binnopharm is developing biosimilars, original combined and biotech drugs of different therapeutic groups: pulmonology, neurology, cardiology, gastroenterology and endocrinology.


MEDICE Arzneimittel Pütter GmbH & Co. KG (Iserlohn, Germany) - a family-owned fully integrated pharmaceutical company, one of the top 50 German pharmaceutical companies, specialized in renal care, CNS, OTC, run by 3 medical doctors committed to the fundamental ethical values of medicine. The product range of 80 products and 600 SKUs includes pharmaceutical medicines and medical devices. Founded in 1949, the company currently has more than 500 employees in S&D, GMP certified manufacturing & quality assurance, medical and regulatory affairs, marketing and distribution and offers pan-European distribution with its own subsidiaries and by partnering with local heroes. 


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