Regina Vollmert, Production Assistant
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Regina Vollmert, Production Assistant
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NEW: Alflorex®

NEW within the MEDICE-portfolio: Alflorex® against irritable colon syndrome!

Flatulence? Diarrhea? Abdominalgia? Constipation? In many countries, Alflorex® is already used for dietary treatment in patients with irritable colon - MEDICE is proud to finally offer Alflorex® in Germany as well.

An abnormal intestinal microbiota (endogenous enteric flora) with a lack of bifidobacteria is considered to cause irritable colon syndrome. The bacteria strain Bifidobacterium infantis 35624®, which Alflorex® contains, can help rebalance the intestinal microbiota and alleviate typical irritable colon syndrome symptoms such as flatulence, diarrhea, abdominalgia, constipation and potbelly.

Amongst well-known probiotics, the WGO (World Gastroenterology Organisation) recommends B. infantis 35624 as the stem with the best studies about the efficacy in RDS. 1

Alflorex® is free of gluten, lactose and animal-derived ingredients and can be purchased exclusively at your pharmacy.


1  World  Gastroenterology  Organisation  Global  Guidelines.  Irritable  Bowel  Syndrome:  a  Global  Perspective.  2015.