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Meditonsin®: New Study

New Study confirms: Meditonsin® convinces with efficacy AND tolerance.

Within a major user study (Gerke P., Schäkermann M., 2015: Meditonsin bei Erkältung und grippalem Infekt (Anwendungsbeobachtung an 1.115 Patienten). Pharm. Ztg., 160. Jahrgang, 42. Ausg.: S. 44–48) with more than 1.000 patients, Meditonsin® has once again been able to convince with its strong results in therapy of cold-related symptoms under every day conditions.

The strength of typical cold-symptoms has been reduced rapidly and reliably. On average, leading symptoms already improved from the second day on after the start of the treatment. 90% of all patients have been satisfied or deeply contented with the effect of Meditonsin®. With regard to tolerance this figure amounted to even more than 97%. More than 95% of the drug stores will recommend Meditonsin®.

Hence, this current observational study confirms results of former studies with more than 5.000 patients, in which Meditonsin® has already given proof of its efficacy and tolerance in children and adults more than once.

Thus, with Meditonsin® you may make use of a well-established and secure drug for the holistic treatment of cold-related symptoms.