Karina Blach, Human resources representative and training officer
MEDICE It is so gratifying to see how young people successfully mature at MEDICE into strong personalities.
Karina Blach, Human resources representative and training officer

Karina Blach.

With MEDICE since 1999.

MEDICE has a good reputation in the region as a successful pharmaceutical company with a rich tradition. In 1999, the question arose as to what company I would like to complete my training in. It was important for me to find a company working in an interesting field – and with whose products I can identify. That’s why I chose MEDICE.

I started my training as an industrial business management assistant with MEDICE on 01.08.1999. At the beginning of the second training year, I was first of all employed for two months in the HR department. I liked it there so much that the training plan was changed and I stayed employed just in that department. I have now been in HR for 13 years, and have done a variety of very different tasks. After various courses and in-service business administration studies I have been a human resources representative and training officer now for over 9 years.

From the numerous interviews with potential employees I have got to know very many interesting people and personalities, which makes my job richly varied. As regards training, I am always pleased when I can accompany young people into adulthood. It is always so gratifying to see how young people mature through training into genuine personalities.

In particular, I see MEDICE as an informal company. For me too, non-discriminatory and trusting cooperation means that I know my colleagues' names. You feel that everyone likes coming to work and living the MEDICE company spirit – for time at work is also time for living.

On the map, Iserlohn looks like a village. But it is much more than that! On one side the motorway ends here. Then there are cows, meadows, areas for holidays and recreation, and on the other, I can be in the Ruhr district in a very short time. Iserlohn is the happy medium. I simply get more for my money here than in a big city.