Dr Christian Goeke, Strategy Planning & Health Care Projects
MEDICE Typically MEDICE – flat hierarchies, short decision pathways and a family working atmosphere.
Dr Christian Goeke, Strategy Planning & Health Care Projects

Dr. Christian Goeke.

With MEDICE since 2009.

After a PhD in economics and postdoctoral scientific work at university I carefully considered taking the step into industry. However, it very quickly became clear to me, right from the first conversation as a consequence of my speculative application, that chemistry was the right thing – and that MEDICE offered even career entrants exciting work and the maximum possibilities for development.

I am now a member of MEDICE's management team. Here, on behalf of Management, I initiate and coordinate a wide range of different projects on the Planning, Business Development and Health Policy interface. At the same time I appreciate the variety of tasks as well as the fact that I am in close contact with virtually all departments of the company and with many fascinating external parties.

In spite of the dramatic growth of recent years, MEDICE has been able to maintain its flat hierarchies, its short decision pathways and the family working atmosphere – both between colleagues and vis-à-vis Management and the owners' family! It's no wonder that pleasure in our work has remained at an unchanged high level.

The small-town idyll surrounded by nature contrasts locally with the global company strategy, although it is only a stone's throw to the exciting metropolises of the Rhine and Ruhr. My 10 kilometre bike ride to work takes me almost exclusively through woods and fields, but unfortunately I do that journey too rarely.