Karina Blach, Human resources representative and training officer
MEDICE It is so gratifying to see how young people successfully mature at MEDICE into strong personalities.
Karina Blach, Human resources representative and training officer
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Systems Integration IT Specialist

Stephan Oesten 

2nd year trainee systems integration IT specialist

Stephan Oesten, Auszubildender bei MEDICE
Because of progressing internationalisation and immense expansion in recent years MEDICE offers security for the future.

Stephan Oesten,
trainee systems integration IT specialist


During the 3-year training to be a systems integration IT specialist you are confronted with all the subjects related to information technology and electronic data processing. They include daily tasks like data security (planning and/or replanning, for example on national holidays, reviewing protocols, administering backup media), preparing printer consumables, but also more demanding jobs such as installing notebooks and servers. An automated solution assists and facilitates the work, but the installation packages of the individual applications nevertheless need constant looking after.

Another top feature of the training is operating the network infrastructure and its continual expansion, and/or inclusion of interfaces for new buildings. It gets more and more complex here as there are constantly new production-related requirements, and also the number of employees in administration is increasing greatly – and as a consequence new workplaces keep having to be connected. Setting up printers and remote assistance for the medical representative service in various problem situations is likewise part of the training. In addition, business essentials are important, such as requirements, shopping around etc. when purchasing and introducing new hardware/software.

MEDICE is a well-known medium-sized family company, committed to its employees in many respects. Because of progressing internationalisation and immense expansion in recent years MEDICE offers security for the future. The relationship between the staff is on the whole very harmonious, which is very supportive when you are starting out on your professional career. At MEDICE you still have the feeling today that you are more than just a number on the staff list.

At MEDICE, a successful apprenticeship through individual advancement and preparation for examinations is part of the package. Relations between trainees and instructors are sociable and reinforced by regular trips out that are rich in experiences. After finishing your apprenticeship being taken on at MEDICE is not only likely, it is virtually always the rule. As I live in Menden it's also only a stone's throw for me to get to the main town of the area. 

I've been keen on IT since I was quite small. In those early years I was always looking into how PC systems work and spent hours taking computers apart and putting them back together. Eventually I started my first attempts to network computers. I've acquired a great deal in various work experience periods but mostly through learning by doing. With this basic knowledge I was able to deal with many problems for my friends and acquaintances. That's how is decided to make my hobby my profession. So far I don't regret anything!

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