Karina Blach, Human resources representative and training officer
MEDICE It is so gratifying to see how young people successfully mature at MEDICE into strong personalities.
Karina Blach, Human resources representative and training officer
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Office Management Assistant

Tobias Fricke 

Tobias Fricke, 1st year trainee office management assistant

Tobias Fricke, Auszubildender bei MEDICE
I can only say that I am impressed above all by the outstanding work atmosphere and the readiness of colleagues to help.

Tobias Fricke,
trainee office management assistant


Even as an apprentice you are immediately aware that you are being one hundred per cent trusted. You take on jobs that mean a lot of responsibility. In the Purchasing department I processed and forwarded a great many orders, amongst other things. You feel really fine in your workplace as the staff take a lot of care when you are introduced and in providing general support.

In my apprenticeship I have dealings with all the departments relevant to commerce. It is very interesting watching colleagues over their shoulders as they do many different tasks and then taking on responsible activities yourself. You learn a lot and above all have the possibility of finding out what areas or departments you feel best suited to. So far I have been in Human Resources and in Purchasing. In the future I shall also be able to help and learn in Marketing, Financial management, Shipping and in many other departments.

I hoped for a long time that I could do an apprenticeship at MEDICE, as the company is an absolute show-piece for the town and a successful, competitive pharmaceutical company. Moreover I had heard a lot about the good working atmosphere and relationships between employees. I was very pleased to have this opportunity and I can only say that so far my hopes and expectations have been fulfilled to the letter. Moreover I am hoping that after my apprenticeship I can make my professional future here.

As a trainee there are so many possibilities in such a big and successfully managed operation as MEDICE. You get valid training, assistance in all areas and you get to know all the relevant departments and staff. This means that at the end of the training you can reliably see areas where you can envisage your future. A canteen on site with excellent fare is another very pleasant aspect.

I can only say that I am impressed above all by the outstanding work atmosphere and the readiness of colleagues to help. You really feel looked after, and you get complete support. Relationships between the staff are very friendly which very quickly helps you feel at ease in the various departments. You are aware that at MEDICE a high value is set on apprenticeship.

I grew up in Iserlohn and feel very much at home here. I have a great many friends in the town and am also active on the political scene. I wouldn't want to leave Iserlohn - it is a very nice town. Since Iserlohn is not a big city, even apprentices have a good chance of finding affordable accommodation. There are also a lot of possibilities for leisure activities.

As an office management assistant you have a lot of options, after finishing training, for working in a variety of business areas – and of being employed doing very varied work. There are also many possibilities for various further education courses and in-service training. The vocational classes are not in long ‘blocks’ of theoretical study, so there is no danger of forgetting material because of long periods without classes.

I chose to train as an office management assistant because I had already done commercial subjects at school and it suited my field of interest. Moreover I like working at the computer, which is required of me here a lot. Since I am a sociable type I am particularly pleased to gradually get to know the many employees in the different departments with whom I am allowed to work. I am very pleased with this decision which has fulfilled my expectations. I feel great - as a trainee and in the company.

At MEDICE you very quickly see that the well-being of the employees is very important to the Management. A lot of money is invested in the social aspect, which pays off in the end with highly motivated loyal company staff.

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