Karina Blach, Human resources representative and training officer
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Karina Blach, Human resources representative and training officer
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Chemistry Laboratory Technician

Jan Philipp Nöther

1st year trainee chemistry laboratory technician

Jan Philipp Nöther, Auszubildender bei MEDICE
I am benefiting from personal supervision as a trainee at MEDICE.

Jan Philipp Nöther,
trainee chemistry laboratory technician


My tasks during training include testing the starting substances received for identity, purity and content, testing the finished goods produced, and various other laboratory jobs such as calibrating the devices used.

I applied for an apprenticeship and training at MEDICE because it is a family company with a rich tradition and a very good working atmosphere - and because of good reports from apprentices.

As a trainee at MEDICE I am benefiting from personal supervision. Every year a trainees outing is arranged and canteen prices are permanently reduced for us. The free further education programme, MediCampus, offers language courses, sports courses etc. just for us. At the end of the apprenticeship, the high number taken on by the company scores above all. The closeness to my home town and the good transport links also count in favour of training in Iserlohn.

My training is very varied and offers me the possibility of later being able to work in various fields such as the pharmaceutical industry, the food industry and many more. Teamwork is also very important to me as well.

I would like to be a chemistry laboratory technician because I have always been really interested in chemistry and maths. Added to this is my good understanding of chemical processes and my ability to work in a team. I am very satisfied with my decision. After three and a half months I still like my work and I happily get up each morning to come here. My colleagues are all nice and ready to help. The work atmosphere is very good.

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