Christiane Hesse, General Practice Product Manager
MEDICE I'm progressing happily with MEDICE. Thanks to worldwide success and brilliant in-service training programmes.
Christiane Hesse, General Practice Product Manager
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A career with MEDICE.

The best opportunities for development for everyone.

Our business culture promotes character, fosters motivation and encourages the best individual performance from everyone – and consequently creates the ideal atmosphere for healthy growth of the entire company. As one of the most successful family companies among German pharmaceutical manufacturers MEDICE offers excellent conditions – for your career, too.

The difference in our family-run, fully integrated pharmaceutical company is that hierarchies are flat, decision pathways are short but thinking is long term. MEDICE combines attractive working conditions with a high quality of life – due to a living environment of outstanding recreational value and opportunities for your free time.

From development to sales, we can provide you with excellent prospects in virtually all the departments, commercial as well as technical, of a pharmaceutical company active on the international scene. With MEDICE you are not only deciding on a new challenge, but on a workplace with above-average employee satisfaction and assured future prospects.